From the earliest grades, students are engaged in a balanced academic program, emphasizing both a structured approach to education and a creative and engaging style of teaching and learning utilizing the New York State Common Core standards. Attention is given to all different learning styles of the students. While close attention is given to the "basics" in education, students are also taught to have an appreciation for the fine arts and an understanding of technology as a tool for enhanced learning.

Classes in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 5 are self-contained, that is to say, all "major" subject areas are taught by the homeroom teacher. In grades 6-8, students have departmental instruction. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten class’ size cap at 20 students (with a teacher’s aide in both classes).

Provides an educational program based on and adapted to the needs and interest of the students that include learning activities: development of communication skills and exposure to literature; participation in group projects, discussion and games; and science and mathematical experiences.
Build a solid foundation of cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills within a carefully structured, child-centered and challenging environment. Children are invited to discover and explore the world through observation, role-playing, and hands-on activities. Teachers emphasize critical thinking skills and diverse approaches to problem solving. All children are challenged in small skill-level groupings.
Are offered multiple opportunities for independence, leadership and achievement. High-quality work is expected and celebrated in all areas whether a student is conducting a science experiment, performing in a play or completing a research project. The integrated core curriculum gradually increases in the degree of departmentalization at each grade level.
Emphasis on core disciplines and scientific inquiry, the curriculum provides students with skills necessary to succeed in competitive high schools and beyond.